Mary Cordle photos
A ceremony was held at the Veterans Cemetery in Caliente in honor of Veterans Day. A variety of activities were held over the weekend.

Several events were held in Caliente in honor of Veterans Day.

The weekend started with live music by Troy Spriggs at the Shamrock Pub Friday evening. Bartenders Victoria and Mikel were keeping busy serving patrons.

Saturday morning, the Gingerbread Fun Run started the day at the Cooperative Extension office. About 117 people signed up for the walk/run. Kids in strollers, on bicycles, and just walking along with the adults enjoyed the event.

At 11 a.m. a solemn ceremony took place at the Veterans Cemetery. The color guard presented the flag, and a wreath was placed at the grave of Harry Brown with his wife, Doreen, daughters, granddaughter, and great-grandsons present. An empty chair representing our POWs with the promise that they will never be forgotten sat as a stark reminder of so many. Taps were played, a reminder of all those we have lost.

The VFW then put on the first annual Freedom Festival with an enchilada and taco lunch prepared by Indiana Adams and music by The Larson Family. There were also games for the kids. Pictures of Lincoln County veterans, past, present, and active duty were displayed. A raffle was held at the end of the day.

Across the street in the elementary gym was the Annual Craft fair, with an assortment from A to Z. After the crafters had packed up and left, the Scouts came in and had a Dutch oven dinner open to the public and free to all veterans.

In the evening, kids brought blankets and pillows and watched Pete’s Dragon to finish off the day.