A structure fire Nov. 13 at the home of Mary Buck in the Beaver Dam Estates resulted in about $10,000 to $20,000 worth of smoke damage.

Panaca Fire Chief Kerry Lee said the call came in at 4 a.m. Caliente Volunteer Fire Department responded with three engines. Panaca sent two engines.

“We got there in about 20 minutes and found the structure was not fully involved, which is normally the case because of the distance of Beaver Dam Estates from the fire stations. There was light smoke showing in the house and some coming from the eaves. Upon investigation, we found the smoke was coming from a backroom closet where the electrical box is at. Once we opened those doors, the smoldering fire got more oxygen and took off. An inch and three-quarter line was used to extinguish the flames. It was an electrical fire, but did cause a lot of smoke damage.”

Mrs. Buck was home at the time. Lee said, “It was one of those cold mornings, about 19 degrees. Her lights and heat kicked off and she thought a circuit breaker had tripped. She started checking herself and could smell the smoke and immediately made a 911 call.”

The fire was contained to the backroom. He said, “I think it had been smoldering for several hours and didn’t have enough oxygen to really take off. And that was a good thing. Her calling 911 right away was the key. We got there quick and were quickly able keep the flames from spreading after the door to the closet was opened.”

Lee said the Caliente Volunteer Fire Department had another call later that morning. “They had just returned to the station, got things cleaned up and prepared, when a call came in about 8:30 a.m. for a car fire in Rainbow Canyon. The vehicle was totaled, but there were no injuries.”