The Nov. 16 Caliente City Council meeting began with with Mull’s Midway Motel. City attorney Dylan Frehner said that they have paid the back taxes to the city. The Mulls will have to pay the back fees to the state, about $3,000, by Jan. 31, 2018. Their city business licence is due to be renewed on Dec. 31.

Frehner said that because the city had just learned that they have to check the state website to make sure all business have obtained a state licence, and haven’t been doing it, the city should give the Mulls until that time to get squared away with the state.

Motel owner Robert Mull said that he believes they can get the state back fees taken care of in the time limit. Mayor Tommy Rowe said he appreciated them getting caught up and coming to the meetings to get this taken care of. Mull apologized for his actions.

Recommendations from Sterling Codifiers were made regarding revisions to the city code. Frehner has been working on updating the city code. A full review under the municipal court section was advised. A lot of the city codes are outdated and repeated. One of the big ones that impacts the city is when they changed the DUI blood alcohol limit from .10 to .08. That was never updated by adopting the Nevada Revised Statutes. Taking things out and keeping what is necessary will make it easier to know what’s what. Once the changes are made, Sterling Codifiers will send it back for the council to review.

The council decided to have Frehner and city clerks keep working on it. It will be sent to Sterling Codifiers to approve before bringing it to council early next year.

Holly Gatzke of LCAT introduced Leslie Kehmeier, freelance photographer and writer from The Wide Eyed World to the council. This is her third trip to the area, and she is excited to photograph the construction of the bike trail. She has brought writers and riders with her to follow the progress.

Gatzke said the pictures take so far are stunning. Ken Dixon brought up that Kehmeier is also an accomplished pilot and has aerial views of all the bike trail because “she flies drones.”

Watch for updates on the bike trail and other activities in the county.

If you haven’t noticed, the Box Car Museum has gotten a new paint job by Heidi Leavitt. The museum will be closed for the winter.

Next meeting will be Dec. 7 at 6 p.m. at the depot.