CAPTION – Courtesy Photo
Ben Culverwell at the top of the podium after winning his weight class in Parowan last weekend.

By Marinda Lamb

Lincoln County High School wrestlers traveled to Parowan for the Paul Williamson Memorial Tournament on Dec. 8. It was a small tournament, with only about 10 teams participating.

Ben Culverwell won the tournament in his weight class. He beat a Utah state runner-up from last season with 7-4 in the final. In another weight class, foreign exchange student Aaron Kim placed fourth.

Trevin Perkins was 3-3 in his meets. Kyle Zierow was also 3-3. Nick Bourne was 2-3. All the freshmen lost their matches.

Coach Culverwell said, “The freshmen were all 0-3. And this is to be expected. It takes a little while, even months, for new wrestlers to get accustomed. People think it’s just muscle out here, but it’s not. It’s all technical. It takes time to understand the ideas and moves and sometimes when they get in a match, they freeze up and forget. So it’s to be expected that they have a little trouble winning.”

On Dec. 15, they wrestle in the Dixie Desert Storm tournament in St. George.