Monday, Dec. 18 is the date for the sale of three parcels of public land adjacent to Hiko and Alamo in Lincoln County. The Bureau of Land Management, Caliente field office, is conducting an oral auction of the parcels, totaling about 15.92 acres, beginning at 1 p.m. in the City Council meeting room at the Caliente Railroad Depot. Bidding on the parcels will begin at fair market value.

County Planning and Building Director Cory Lytle said the parcels are lands “between Cowboys Dream and Windmill Ridge in Alamo and some inadvertent agricultural trespasses out in Hiko.” He explained those to be small parcels that may be “property in the corner of your field that goes onto BLM land. It’s an inadvertent trespass and the BLM is looking to get those things cleaned up.”

Lytle said sale of these parcels goes back to what was round two in 2013. However, he said, “The original appraised prices were so high no one would even bid on them. So we hope that there have been adjustments made in those pre-bid appraisal prices to where it makes it feasible for someone to come in and make a purchase.”

He did not know what the appraised price on any given parcel is, but thought the information could be obtained at the BLM office in Caliente.

Maps delineating the sale parcels are available online at Hard copies are available at the BLM Caliente field office.

The proposed sale is in accordance with the Lincoln County Conservation, Recreation, and Development Act of 2004, complies with the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976, and is in conformance with the Ely Resource Management Plan. Five percent of the proceeds from the proposed land sale will go to the Nevada State General Education Fund, ten percent to Lincoln County, and the remaining 85 percent will be deposited into a special account for archaeological resources, natural resource protection, recreation and wilderness planning, and other opportunities in Lincoln County.

For more information, contact Chris Carlton, BLM Caliente Field Manager, at (775) 726-8109 or