Dave Maxwell
Bob Ellis of Henderson unloads a box to Annette Jorgensen as he delivers the shoes and socks that the students of the Lincoln County School District were measured for in September. Toys were also given to the elementary children.

The shoes, socks, and toy delivery which Bob Ellis and his wife Sandy of Henderson give to the students of the Lincoln County School District arrived in town Dec. 8.

Ellis and a friend, Greg Blackburn, assistant city manager of Henderson, brought the shipment up to Alamo, Caliente, and Panaca, as they have done for the past eight years.

Ellis said it does give him a lot of satisfaction. “This year we also went to a different toy distributor and are very happy with what we’ve got this year.”

All of the students in the district were measured for shoes in September.

He said, “We enjoy the people up here, and this year we followed up with shoes and socks for all the schools. The people up here are what brings us back. What is so great about here is that the principals take pictures and videos and send them to us so I can send them to the people.”

Ellis does the same thing for some of the schools in the Clark County district including Indian Springs, Sandy Valley, schools in Laughlin, and three elementary schools in Las Vegas. “And in five schools in Clark County, we also bring Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus (district court judges Sue and Eric Johnson). Geico has helped us out for the past three years with school backpacks and T-shirts for the principals and teachers.”

Pahranagat Valley Elementary principal Brian Higbee said as he helped unload boxes with Ellis, Vaughn Higbee, Annette Jorgensen, Jessica Jones, and Lynette Stirling, “It’s an amazing thing, if you really think about it, that somebody can organize this kind of a project to help kids not just in Lincoln County, but other places, too. Says a lot about Mr. Ellis. We appreciate him and his wife very much, and the kids do too.”