By Marinda Lamb

Kobe Walker hit everything but the Megabucks at Calvary on Friday.

Calvary started out with the ball, but thanks to Benson Wadsworth’s defense they didn’t make it out of Lynx territory.  Walker splashed a deep three pointer to start the game off. Calvary caught up with a few layups and a three of their own.  Walker pushed Lincoln ahead by making his third three in a row in the first. Kamdon Lewis came off the bench near the end of the quarter and fought hard for some rebounds. Alex Vincent had went up for a layup and got a three to get the Lynx offense going. The score at the end of the first was 21-18, Lincoln. Walker was 4 for 5 at the three point line. Lynx came out in a swarm causing turnovers for Calvary.  Jordan Cameron came off the bench and was a huge help to the team with a couple foul shots and a three.The score at the end of the half was 32-33, Calvary.

The Smith’s kept Lincoln on the boards. Elijah Harr’s defense helped the team stay on offense. Calvary pushes and by the middle of the third was up 35-42. Lincoln battled to tie it at 50-50. A steal from Landen Smith turned into two points for him. Lynx fouled, allowing Calvary to put in a foul shot. Landen Smith with another jumper initiates the lead for Lincoln.  Calvary had trouble pulling ahead. Walker kept draining threes and the Smith brothers doing work inside. The game was intense and both teams fought hard, but Lincoln was able to win by 10 points. Final score 71-61 Lincoln County.

Saturday, Lincoln played Meadows. Unfortunately, Walker’s game wasn’t on like it was at Calvary.  Noah Smith started the game off with a jumper. Vincent kicked the offense in gear with a three and Wadsworth with a fast break layup right after. Landen Smith came in with an easy shot assisted by Vincent. Meadows matched the points with little shots. The teams were battling back and forth the whole first quarter.

Jordan Cameron came in with a deep two to start the scoring in the second quarter. Mason Thornock got the offense moving. Cameron went off with another four points from a three and a foul shot. Harr had the defense hustling and kept Meadows on their toes. Thomas Gloeckner came off the bench to get some rebounds, giving Lincoln opportunities to score. Landen Smith had a foul shot followed by a jumper and Harr hit a three, putting Lincoln back on the board. At the half it was 32-23, Meadows.

Meadow kicks off the 2nd half with a fast break layup forcing Lincoln to wake up. Vincent draws a foul and hits a free throw.  He grabs a rebound and gives it to Noah Smith right who goes up to get 2 points and a foul. Smith tips in the next missed shot for another 2 points. Wadsworth slaps the ball away twice on defense and keeps the Lynx going. Walker hits a three to help initiate offense. Kamdon Lewis comes in with a big block and the crowd goes crazy. Meadows comes back with some lay ups, but Landen Smith comes in stronger than ever to match them. He puts in consecutive shots, allowing Lincoln to catch up. It was 34-39, Meadows, at the end of the third.

Landen Smith scores right off the bat, with 2 points and the foul shot. Putting Lincoln down two points. Meadows scores again and so does Smith getting big cheers from the crowd.  A steal from Smith again keeps the team working hard. Meadows lands a three, giving them a boost.  Lewis had another big block out of bounds and excites Lincoln again. Harr drives, gets two shots, but can’t get them to go in. An assist from Smith to Smith gives Landen Smith another two points.  Meadow gets fouled going up and hits both shots.  Then they hit a three. Meadows is up 7 points with two minutes left. Another assist from brother to brother gives Noah Smith the two points this time. He gets a steal that turns into two points. Lincoln’s down five points with twenty-four seconds left. Meadows turns the ball over and gives Lynx a chance. Landen is fouled and makes both shots putting them down three. With a quick steal, Lincoln pushes the ball only to travel. Forced to foul, Meadow makes one putting them up four. The final score 51-47.