By Collin Anderson

This past Tuesday, the town board of Pioche held its monthly meeting. After the regular business, including the payment of bills, and public comment, the town board received the financial report.

After this piece of business, the board began discussing a donation to the town that represented both a possible blessing or liability: the property at 550 Main Street. This property, donated by Jim Shane, piqued the interest of the town, not only because of its position on Main Street but because of the possible dangers that the property could bring.

The house located on this property, which is situated on an old mine shaft, is reportedly far too dilapidated to ever be of any use, which would mean that the building would have to be condemned and demolished. Multiple members of the board looked at this as a massive responsibility and waste of time, with one member of the board even commenting, “are we in the realty business?” This prompted other members of the board to reconsider even accepting the property as a donation. In the end, the board opted to gather more information on the property by sending a representative to take a look at the place.

Next up, the board was asked to change the date of the monthly meetings, so as to better accommodate the financial reports they received at the beginning of each meeting. This request came as part of a solution to an issue that comes up at almost every meeting; there is a small discrepancy in the financials reported by the town secretary and the numbers that are reported at the county level. These discrepancies are easily explained by the fact that the financial reports given to the board are a week ahead of the county numbers, so to account for this, the request was made that the date of the meeting is changed.

The board was more than willing to do so, and while the day of the week was left alone, the meeting was changed from the second Tuesday of the month to the third, pending some small changes to the board’s regulations during next month’s meeting.

Another change to the board’s meetings was the request to have the board secretary’s description. This change is due to the fact that there was a section of the standing description that says that the town’s secretary was not supposed to be the board’s secretary as well. This change was a small one and was approved relatively easily.

After this, there was some discussion about the PPU opening for an electrical engineer; the possibility of changing the rates charged by PPU; and the RTC, flood control, and manager’s reports. The chamber of commerce was unable to give a report due to the fact that their meeting earlier in the week was canceled due to a lack of quorum, which seems to be a standing issue within the chamber of commerce.

After the public comment section, the meeting was adjourned until next month.