By Collin Anderson

The school board was able to meet this past Thursday for its regular meeting. The meeting started out with the usual business, which included the pledge of allegiance and public comment. Next came the approval of the minutes from the last two meetings, which included the special financial meeting held on the third week of November. After that came a few reports from the various schools in our county.

Notably missing from these reports were the faculty members that participated in the Washington, D.C., trip as they were in our nation’s capital at the time. This amazing experience included a trip to the “Newseum,” a museum dedicated to the exercising of free speech, as well as the Lincoln and Washington memorials. This trip was approved months ago by the board, and the members were constantly being updated on the progress and preparation of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Following these reports, the board approved the payment of bills, and then they moved on to the next major piece of business: the retirement of Charleen Bowman, a long-time educator in our small community. The board approved the request and publicly thanked Mrs. Bowman for her extensive service. Next, the board needed to make some minor changes to the 2018 budget plan, so they approved some amendments to the aforementioned plan.

Next up came the approval of the district and school performance plans, which were both designed to help the students of Lincoln County to better learn and grow within their various classes.

These plans were approved, and after a small NASB report and the board, superintendent, and public comments, the meeting was adjourned for another month.

The next meeting is Jan. 11, 2018 at 6 p.m. The board invites anyone interested in attending to do so, especially those involved in the education of our children.