By Marinda Lamb

The Lady Lynx participated in the Steve Hodson Classic in Cedar City last weekend.

They faced San Juan for their first game. Brynlee Wadsworth starts off the game with a three pointer. Kailey Kelley hits the next three. Sadie Soderborg then makes two three pointers of her own. Kelley also made a foul shot. The score at the end of the first was 13-9, Lincoln. Brooklyn Hafen steals the ball and makes a jump shot to start off the scoring the second. Kylee Cameron rocks on defense, swatting away a pass. Wadsworth makes another three. Hafen got another steal and made a fast break layup. Cameron rebounds and goes back up for a layup. At the half, the Lynx are down 21-23.

The Lady Lynx tie it up right off the bat. Kendra Mathews keeps the ball on offense with her rebounds. She also intercepts a pass which gives Lincoln the chance to score. Macie Howard comes off the bench to make a short jumper. The score was 35-30, San Juan, at the fourth. Wadsworth gets fouled and makes a three pointer. Kelley drives for two points. San Juan was able to outscore Lincoln putting them too far ahead. The final score was 36-44, San Juan.

The next day, they played North Sanpete. They made the first two points. Wadsworth matched it with a deep jumper. She also made the next two points. Hailey Hooge came in at the end of the first to get a rebound, preventing North Sanpete from scoring again. However, North Sanpete is up 8-5 at the second. Lady Lynx play good defense allowing North Sanpete to score only 3 points before the half. Cameron makes a layup. Soderborg gets a steal and allows Kelley to tie it up with a foul shot. Wadsworth drains a three, pulling Lincoln ahead. She assists to Kelley for a layup. Lincoln is ahead 16-11 at the half. They play good defense, to start off the third with a steal and a three from Soderborg. Mathews get a few foul shots to pull ahead even more. Wadsworth scores another two shots in a row for 4 points. Howard comes off the bench with good defense, getting a steal before the third ends. The Lady Lynx are up 10 points at the fourth. Kelley drives to start off scoring. Hafen gets a steal and hands it off to Kelley for another two points. The Lady Lynx win, 31-19.

Lincoln played their final game against Canyon View. Lincoln scored first. Soon after, Mathews got a steal. Soderborg shot a deep two right after. Lincoln was able to keep Canyon View from scoring for the first half of the first. Then they tied it up 4-4. Mathews pulled Lincoln ahead with a layup. Lynx were up at the end of the first 7-4. Hooge came in to get an assist from Wadsworth for two points. Canyon View pulled ahead 11-9 in the second. Wadsworth drove to tie it up. CanyonView took the lead by foul shots. Lynz are down at the half, 14-16. Hafen makes a layup within seconds of the third, tying it up. She makes another to pull Lynx ahead. Kelley makes a three. Canyon View begins to chip away at Lincoln’s 9 point lead. By the end of the fourth, Canyon View won 58-54.