County commissioners at their Jan. 2 meeting approved the appointment of the following people to various boards.

Alamo Town Board: Angie Wright and Brad Loveday

Panaca Town Board: Tyler Free, Gretchen Soderborg, and Christy Blood

Pioche Town Board: John Christian and Phyllis Robistow

County Library Board: Ann Smith, Peggy Hon,e and Suzanne Reifsynder

Planning Commission Board: Ken Dixon, Ross Stirling, David Hurd, and Susan Austgen

Housing Board: Wes Morton

Game Management Board: Jim Cole, Cory Lytle, and George E. Rowe

Debt Management Commission: Ed Maloy and Wade Poulson

Fair and Recreation Board: John Crosthwaite and Jamie Jewett

Board of Equalization: Cory Wadsworth and Amy Sonnenberg

Airport Authority: Vaughn Higbee, Phyllis Robistow, and Wendy Rudder