Courtesy photo
Motivational speaker Clint Pulver with students from Meadow Valley Middle School and Lincoln County High School at the Neldon C. Mathews Center in Panaca.

By Marinda Lamb

“It’s not about being the best in the world … It’s about being the best for the world.”

Motivational speaker Clint Pulver presented his pitch to the parents and students of Lincoln County High School and Meadow Valley Middle School in Panaca on Tuesday.

Pulver comes from Heber City, Utah, so he felt right at home in Panaca. Pulver is a businessman, motivational speaker to people all over the country, and professional drummer who has traveled the world to play with various musicians and has appeared on “America’s Got Talent.”

“I felt like Pulver’s message was one the schools needed to hear. I’ve done a lot of research for a speaker over the past couple years and he caught my eye right away. Pulver was a shoo in. He needed to come,” said Raymond Wadsworth, the officiator of the event.

The students were captivated by Pulver as soon as he introduced himself. They were laughing the entire time, yet Pulver found a way to do this while still getting the point across. He taught the students the importance of becoming more themselves and helping others along the way. Pulver kept the students involved by telling stories and giving real life, relatable examples. Abigail Loverme was one of those examples. She is an extremely talented singer. Pulver put her on the spot to sing to show that every one of them has potential.

Along with Pulver’s engaging stories and enlightening ideas, he performed a drum solo live for the students and had jaws dropping.

Kylie Truman, sophomore at LCHS, said, “Honestly, at first I would have rathered be in band because sometimes these assemblies aren’t very interesting or entertaining. But I liked listening to Pulver a lot; he was hilarious. I loved his stories and drum solo. Listening to him made me want to focus more on what’s important.”

Wadsworth also said, “His one quote, about being the best for the school, will help me a lot personally. I don’t have to be the best principal, teacher, or mentor ever, but I can be the best for those students working to succeed and for the parents I work with.”

Pulver exceeded the expectations of the students and helped them to raise expectations for themselves. Those in attendance expressed how he did a great job of educating, entertaining, and engaging all at the same time.

Finally, Wadsworth mentioned, “It went fantastic. I think it impacted all the students and teachers there in a meaningful way. They are motivated to finish out the year strong, see the good, and help others along the way.”