CAPTION – Kristina Lloyd
Lincoln County High School junior Alex Vincent drives against Virgin Valley during the Lynx road win on Saturday.

By Marinda Lamb

Lincoln County played Democracy Prep on Jan. 12.

In the first, the Lynx couldn’t seem to get down the court without a turnover. Democracy was up 7-0 in the middle of the first. Alex Vincent breaks their scoring streak by scoring the first points for the Lynx. Landen Smith’s rebounds bring Lynx back in the game. Lynx were within 10 points of the Blue Knights in the second quarter, however, Democracy takes off and score 22 points to Lynx’s 5. Democracy was on a roll and didn’t seem to miss a shot. There was not much Lincoln could do. In the last quarter, Smith came back in to get the Lynx moving. They began to look like they had given up, Smith came in to get a few points and bring in some energy. The final score was 78-30, Democracy.

On the other hand, the saying ‘third time’s a charm’ describes Lincoln’s game against Virgin Valley. They played Virgin for the third time this season, losing the first two times. The teams were trading points at the beginning, until Elijah Harr makes a three to pull Lynx ahead. Lynx didn’t let down and did their best to not to let the Bulldogs score. Smith scores a deep two then runs down the court to get a block on defense. Kamdon Lewis comes off the bench to take some hard defense from Virgin Valley and makes a foul shot to add to Lincoln’s increasing score. Lynx are up 17-11 in the first.

Scoring is slow at the beginning of the second. Benson Wadsworth drives for two points for the Lynx and got offense moving. Harr rebounds again and again to give Lincoln County opportunities to score. Virgin Valley goes on a run of scoring. Walker drives and misses, but recovers quickly to steal the ball and hands it to Vincent who goes up for two points. Lynx continue to score, keeping their lead. Noah Smith grabs his own rebound, goes up again, makes his shot and the foul shot that came after. They kept the Bulldogs from scoring the last few minutes. The score at half time was 31-20, Lynx.

The third started with steal then turnover on repeat. Halfway through, the Lynx are up 35-25. The teams both made 9 points this quarter, Lynx to keep their 11 point lead.

Virgin Valley begins to really score in the fourth. Walker gets fouled on a big three and makes his foul shot, making the Bulldogs climb even farther to reach the Lynx. Virgin Manages to push ahead until they are down just a few points. Lincoln’s ball movement opens up a three for Harr. Lynx are ahead 47-41 with two minutes left. The game intensifies as the Bulldogs make their way up and are soon deficient one point. Vincent’s two foul shots and tough defense secures Lincoln’s win. Final score was 49-46, Lincoln.

Jan. 16, Lynx face Adelson at home.

Adelson scores first, only to have Walker match it with a jumper soon after. The Lions score one more time this quarter, but Lynx hold them at 4 points, 14-4.

The second quarter, Adelson seems to wake up. They score 17 points compared to Lincoln’s 8. Lincoln stops making shots and Adelson closes the gap, down by one at the half, 22-21.

The Lions start off the third with a three, taking the lead. A turnover enables them to score again. Then the Lynx regain their momentum as Vincent splashes a three. Harr and Vincent work together to get a steal. They send the ball down court with Noah Smith, who makes a layup. A few turnovers allow the Lions to make some points, but Lynx work hard to stay ahead. Vincent gets a crucial steal and Smith scores again. Lewis comes in to get rebounds all over. The quarter continues this way and it ends with Lynx in the lead, 39-35.

Adelson makes a deep two right off the bat. Luckily, Noah Smith could not miss. If he did, he went right back up with his rebound. With around 3 minutes left, the Lions were down one point. Walker drains a three pointer. Defense kept Adelson down and Lynx won, 56-47. Noah Smith had 26 points.

Lincoln is now 5-13 overall and 4-4 in league play, placing them fourth in the 2A Southern League. The team is at Mountain View tonight at 6 p.m. and at Lake Mead tomorrow at 4:30 p.m.