By Collin Anderson

On Thursday, January 11, the board of trustees for the Lincoln County School District met for their monthly meeting. As usual, the bills were paid, minutes and agenda were approved, and we were able to get into the main subjects of the night.

Most of the meeting was spent on the school reports, with two separate videos being shared highlighting the events of the past month. The first video showed off the recent Washington, D.C., trip that various students were able to participate in. A few students were there to add their report to the record, relating the experiences that they had visiting the various historical landmarks in our nation’s capital, including the “Newseum” (a museum dedicated to the first amendment and the news), the Holocaust Museum, and even Ford’s Theatre. At the end of the reports, the board publicly thanked Pete Peterson for organizing the trip.

The next video came from the LCHS pep club, demonstrating how the club had helped lighten the spirits of its fellow students. After this, the pep club was also able to show off the new shirts they were going to start selling, one of which included a custom image made by a member of the club. Another major subject that came up in many of the reports was the motivational speaker that was invited to speak at various schools in the county, with many of those in attendance being moved and impressed by the gentleman’s words.

Caliente Elementary added that one of their students had won a poster designing contest, and that she was heading into the national part of the competition. They also wanted to thank the wonderful people that put on the Gingerbread Fun Run, since a portion of the proceeds earned from the event made their way to the elementary school.

Bringing up the rear was CO Bastion, which was proud to report that five of their students had graduated, but that they were running low on staff to help keep the students busy and educated.

Once the school reports were finished, the board turned its attention to some minor changes that needed to be made to the 2018 budget and the approval of a class size reduction report. Once these were taken care of, the board was informed that PVES was planning a trip to SeaWorld in San Diego, California, to participate in a program specially designed to help students learn more about the ocean and the creatures that inhabit it. Once this report was made, LCHS reported that they too were planning an excursion. Namely, the senior trip that would see the graduating class visit Orlando, Florida, for some fun and sun.

Finally, after approving various negotiations with the staff in the county and the NASB report, the meeting was adjourned.