CAPTION – Kristina Lloyd
Lincoln junior Kobe Walker takes the floater against Lake Mead.

Lincoln County faced Mountain View Christian School for the second time this season in Las Vegas on Jan. 19.

Lynx came out and started scoring. They scored a few points and were able to stay ahead, but Mountain View was right on their tail. About halfway through the first, Lincoln’s drive seemed to slow up a lot. Mountain View took control and began to pull ahead. Alex Vincent threw the ball to Elijah Harr on a fast break to get a layup.

The Lynx were now right behind the Saints. Landen Smith and Noah Smith kept Lincoln in the game with some consistent scoring. Mountain View was ahead at the end of the first, 19-13.

Mountain View kept the lead. The Lynx were trying to get something going and get momentum, but their shots just weren’t going in. Benson Wadsworth came in about halfway through the quarter to get a few points. Vincent hit a big buzzerbeater 3-point play to end the first half. The Lynx were down, 24-33.

Landen Smith came out after the half to get the team moving and keep scoring up. They still couldn’t make shots consistently, but Kobe Walker hit a 3-point play to boost them up. Defense was lacking, allowing Mountain View to outscore them in another quarter.

Kamdon Lewis came off the bench to swat a shot, preventing the Saints from a few more points. The score at the end of the third was 35-50, Mountain View.

Mountain View took off in the fourth. Lincoln kept putting their boys on the line from fouls, giving them easy points. Harr came back in to drive for two points. Noah Smith pushed to keep scoring, but they were too far behind and ran out of time. The final score was 73-54, Mountain View.

Lincoln played at Lake Mead Christian Academy on Saturday on Jan. 20.

Lynx had trouble scoring in the beginning. Lake Mead scored 13 points to Lincoln’s five. In the second quarter, Lincoln still lagged behind, allowing Lake Mead to get an 11-point lead on them. Two of the starters were in foul trouble, making it harder to score.

The Lynx needed some momentum, and Walker hit a 3-point play. Lake Mead bounced back and matched it with some points of their own. Jordan Cameron also made a 3-point play to help the Lynx. Lake Mead was up 33-22 at the half.

Lynx shifted their defense and started picking it up. Vincent brought a lot of energy into the game, working hard on defense. Wadsworth came in the third, pushing on defense and getting a few points on offense. Defense was really solid, agitating Lake Mead and causing turnovers. The Lynx made a comeback, down only 33-38 at the fourth.

Both teams battled in the fourth. They were well-matched, trading points the whole time. The Lynx were only down four points most of the quarter. Vincent had a 3-point play; Walker drove and got a few points from foul shots. Unfortunately, turnovers and missed foul shots sealed the game for the Lynx. They lost 42-47.