The Alamo Town Board met on January 16. The Friends of Pahranagat Valley asked the board about sprinkler installation at the Splash Pad site in order to prepare the area to put down sod. They will contact Bobby Foremaster to coordinate the work.

The board discussed budget augmentation, and it was pointed out that 37 percent of the budget goes towards the town parks and 63 percent goes towards supplies and utilities. There are a number of accounts with unencumbered funds. There are some for salary and wages, highways and streets, parks and the senior citizens. The board would like to continue to discuss the need to augment the budget until April, before they need to submit paperwork for the fiscal year. They would also like to find out more information on capital outlays in the budget.

The board would like to address the patch of dead grass by the T-ball field at the Alamo Children’s Park. The sprinkler system needs to be fixed and tied into the football field’s water connection so that the area can once again have grass.

Vern Holladay was present for the county commissioners meeting and relayed that they are putting another two-mile ban around the base so people won’t fly their drones too close.