By Collin Anderson

It’s that time of the month again, when the Pioche town board meets to discuss ways to bring life and fun into our mountainside home. The meeting, held this past Wednesday, Jan. 10, opened with discussion on the recent grant they received. This grant was used to help improve the chamber’s website, which is almost finished.

The update to the website, while making it more aesthetically pleasing, also makes it easier to advertise and pay for chamber of commerce membership. The cost of doing so was also discussed, with the chamber settling on $35 for businesses and $12 for individuals. While on that subject, it was reported to the chamber that an email had been sent out to all the members of the chamber to help guide them through the process of paying those dues.

Next came the beautification committee, and it was noted that there are quite a few abandoned cars around town that needed to be dealt with. The subject of abandoned buildings came up as well, with one house in particular (across from the Episcopal church) being cited as a major health issue due to the untold amount of vermin living on the premises.

Before, there was very little that the chamber could do, but once the chamber is able to take some pictures of the areas they think need attention, they intend on approaching DA Hogie on the matter. They also intend on using a statute referred to as “community standards” to coerce those responsible into cleaning up their act, as long as they can do so legally.

After this discussion, the chamber moved its attention to the replacing of banners in the town, with some of the banners needing everything down to the pole itself repaired. They wish to invite the community to get involved in the process, and are asking for donations to get this project done.

Next came a report on the wreath fundraiser, but unfortunately, the chamber’s efforts were only met with a small $460 gain. While the designs were popular among everyone that saw them, those that worked on the fundraiser said that too many people who had participated in the past had either passed away or moved away, and even with help from people that had worked on the fundraiser before, they just weren’t able to get any more interest.

The final note of the day was on drone coverage for the town. With the now higher quality website in their grasp, the chamber intends on coupling it with high quality footage shot via drone, but some members of the board argued that doing so was unwise. When renting a drone or using existing footage was brought up, those ideas were also deemed either too expensive or unnecessary. Other options were also discussed, with the subject being tabled for the next meeting.

With that, the chamber of commerce meeting was brought to a close.