The Scottish Highlands are where the next Lincoln County High School Theatre de Masque performance is set.

Brigadoon, a Lerner and Lowe musical, is about two American hunter/tourists visiting Scotland who, by happenstance, enter into an enchanted “miracle” land.

The musical focuses on American tourists Tommy Albright and Jeff Douglas – played by Lincoln Frehner and Cody Dirks, respectively – as they travel to Scotland and encounter the village of Brigadoon, which appears for only one day every 100 years.

Albright falls in love with Fiona, played by Jessica Truman. She can’t leave Brigadoon, and he can’t stay. Or can he?

The musical also showcases the talents of Amy Gloeckner, Ashlee Decker, Jack Butler, Hayden Hooge, Hayden Showell, David Canahan, and so many others.

While the audience may believe this story is based on tradition or myth, it really isn’t. The authors completely made up the story, which was turned into a film starring Gene Kelley. But the story of real love is eternal.

Everything in this production will be top notch. Certainly, the kids are experienced in singing, dancing, and acting. Many of the performers have made All-State Band and/or choir. One student, Derrek Anderson has learned to play the bagpipes just for this show.

The set is amazing, created with the talents of the cast, led by Juan Escobedo’s artistic genius.

But perhaps the most memorable aspect of this show is its amazing score, which begs the cast to dance. As such, Mindy Anderson’s skills have led to some inspirational and fun choreography.

The costumes are also a highlight of the play. With many of the men wearing kilts and other Scottish regalia, the show is believable. Each clan (family) in the production has its own tartan (plaid).

“It’s a wonderful show,” says director Pete Peterson, who played the part of Jeff Douglas in 1992. “There is romance, conflict, great music (singing and dancing), sarcasm, and a hint of bawdiness. It’s just fun.”

The musical opens Tuesday, March 13, 2018, at the Neldon C. Mathews Auditorium. Tickets are $8 for ages 12 to 60, and $5 for children under $12 and seniors. Because the students have worked so hard on their accents and are sometimes difficult to understand using the Scottish dialect, it’s suggested that very young children be left at home.

Mr. Jacob Lester, the music director, believes “Brigadoon” will truly showcase the talents of the school’s musical students.