On March 1, the Caliente City Council met.

The first item on the agenda was the first reading and setting of a public meeting for Bill # 2018-02 Ordinance # 186 An Ordinance annexing into the City of Caliente APN 013-030-27 consisting of approximately 231 Acres located in the East 1/2 of Section 2, Township 3 South, Range 67 East, and owned by Raymond Thompson. Motions were made and approved. The public hearing will be on the April 5 agenda for the ordinance.

Constance McDermott requested the council waive late fees on her utility bill. The council voted to approve.

Helena Katschke applied for a business licence for Piper Farm. City Attorney Dylan Frehner said there were questions about the license for the pig farm. When they first put the pigs in there, several years ago, he and Ken Dixon went back and looked at the code. The code states that it is unlawful for any person to maintain a pig pen or to keep any hogs or pigs in a business or residential area. However, since the farm is agricultural, it is in compliance with the State License Board. Therefore, the council voted to approve.

The next item on the agenda, the Beautification Committee’s request to serve alcohol in Rose Park for Cinco de Mayo, was tabled after a brief discussion.

The council approved Ken Dixon attending Building Inspector training in Las Vegas on March 23 and Floodplain Training in Las Vegas on April 10. Both classes are one-day trainings, required to keep his certification.

The council also approved an increase of $4,000 to Dixon’s Mountain Bike Manager Contract due to the time delays in completion of the project. The money will come out of the grant, rather than city funds. The American Ramp was to be finished by the end of December but just finished up Thursday. A walkthrough will be necessary in 10 months’ time, to ensure things are holding up.

Frehner told the council a letter had been sent out Wednesday to the Mulls Midway Motel with a notice of revocation of license. The business license expired Dec. 31, 2017, and the code states that if not renewed in 30 days, it is automatically revoked. Per the letter, if they want to renew their license they have to pay back fees and get their paperwork up to date.

Frehner said, “We talked to the state and the NRS very clearly states that in order for the city to issue a license you have to either sign an affidavit or show proof that you have a state license before the city can issue one.” The state revoked their state license three years ago for non-payment. They can open a new company and start with a new license but whatever they do, they have to have a valid state license.

There should be an update on the marijuana applications at the April 1 meeting. There were four applications filed with the state, three of them in Caliente.

During public comment, Public Works Manager Jerry Carter and his crew stated that they used odds and ends to make a sign for the front of the shop in Lincoln.

Councilman John Ahlstrom commented that city workers were patching water lines on his street and it was fun to watch them because they were professional and happy, rather than upset about working on a Saturday.

There are new street lights on Rowan Drive.

Frehner said he has a murder trial starting April 24 through May 24 and would be pretty much out of the loop during that time frame.

Accidentally omitted the Feb. 15 meeting news: Frehner announced he is going to file and run for county district attorney

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