The Alamo Town board met on Feb. 13.

Bobby Foremaster discussed how the Alamo Children’s Park is now hooked up to two separate water meters. With that complete, he wants to put down top soil and grass. Foremaster is also looking for a new door handle for the Rodeo Arena, has replaced two stop signs in town, and will be replacing a third one in the coming days.

Following the incident of a dead steer found on the Rodeo Grounds, along with the steers having no water available to them, a new policy needs to be put in place to prevent a recurrence. The board will discuss and approve the new verbiage at next month’s meeting.

JR Zanoth represented the Yucca Chuckers in presenting plans and possible routes for a Grand Prix to be held in Alamo on March 31. Zanoth assured board members that any residence or structure involved with the route chosen will be protected through MRAN’s insurance policy.

There is a possible conflict of routes on the same day as the Annual Elementary Easter Egg Hunt. This will be discussed with the PTO.

In public comment, the board participated in a discussion about RTC Funds that have been allotted to Alamo over the years. The understanding was that the money was earmarked for flood control and that the County Road Department should be carrying out the different projects. The infrastructure funds could be a good opportunity for the town in the future.

The board noted that it has, in the past, proposed ideas for projects, but hasn’t received the necessary funds.

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