On Monday, March 5, Bob McCleary filed at the Lincoln County Clerk’s office for the position of County Recorder-Auditor, he announced in a released statement. McCleary, a 56-year old Republican, will be running for the position currently held by Democrat, Leslie Boucher.

McCleary is a former State Assemblyman, six-year veteran of the Nevada National Guard, and with a marketing and management background, said he understands the importance of the auditing authority of the Recorder’s office. “The Recorder must be accountable for all public funds and assure that those funds are spent appropriately. We will not tolerate the misuse or misappropriation of our county’s financial resources.”

Mcleary also hopes to make county government more assessable to its citizens. He said he understands the vastness of the rural community and how far away Pioche can be to some residents. “My goal over the next few years will be to modernize the office. I eventually want to see all public records available online, so residents don’t have to make that long drive just for information.”

McCleary, a Nevadan since 1969, resides about 6 miles north of Caliente on Indian Ridge, just south of Highland Knolls. He lives on a small five and a half acre parcel and raises sheep, goats, chickens, and said he enjoys tending his orchard and garden. McCleary, married to his wife, Verna for 36 years, has four grown children, and nine grandchildren; many of them residing in Lincoln County.

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