Last Thursday, Lincoln County High baseball played its first league games of the season against Adelson School in Las Vegas.

The Lynx had a good start of three runs in the first inning, during which Adelson also scored. Thanks to a solid second inning with seven runs, the Lynx were able to secure a lead. Another six runs for Lincoln in the third inning spelled the end of the game for Adelson. Lincoln won 17-2.

Dean Ottley, leading batter for the Lynx, got on base all four times he hit. Kobe Walker pitched the entire game and had five strikeouts by the end.

Apparently, however, that was just Lincoln’s warmup. Lincoln’s second game against Adelson went even better.

The Lynx came out swinging, literally, scoring 14 runs in the first two innings. Nine more runs in the final inning sealed the deal and the Lynx won 23-1.

Alex Vincent pitched, walking one batter and allowing another to get one hit, but his nine strikeouts were bit for the team.

Ottley made it on base four times, three of those to third base and once all the way home.

Kamdon Lewis also had a good batting game, getting on base all but one time.

Coach Raymond Wadsworth said, “We hit really well. That was the key to getting an early lead and we were able to build upon that. Dean Ottley went 9-for-10 with three doubles and a homerun. Other players had multiple hits that helped. Overall, [things went] really well as far as our offense goes. For pitching, we had guys who were getting strikes, forcing the other team to put the ball in play. That was huge as far as our success.”

Today at 1 p.m., the Lynx play Mountain View Christian School at home. The team is at the Cowboy Classic starting tomorrow and going through Tuesday.

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