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The 2018 Lincoln County High School softball team.

Another year, another coach. Phil Boucher is taking on Lincoln County softball, and believes in a positive approach.

Senior Sadie Teel says, “When we mess up, he never yells or seems to get mad. It’s really different, but I think it’s going to be good. I’m excited for the season.”

The girls lost five strong seniors last season. There are six returning varsity players.

Seniors Brynlee Wadsworth (IF), Kailey Kelley (IF), and Sadie Teel (OF) are all coming back.

Seniors Aya Rowe (C) and Hannah Bleak (OF) are new to the varsity team. Kendra Mathews (IF) is the only returning junior, but this year is joined by Kylee Cameron (OF), Baylee Cameron (OF), and Laura Pearson (IF/P). Macie Howard (OF/C) and Sadie Soderborg (P) are the returning sophomores.

Lexi Long(P) is a freshman and a new addition to the team.

Boucher says, “My goal is just to see the girls improve day by day. And if that happens, we should have a really good team.”

The coach is optimistic about this season and so are the girls. However, they kicked off to a bit of a rocky start after traveling to Mesquite for the Desert Winds Softball tournament.

First, the girls played Virgin Valley. Their fielding and pitching was up to par, but there was no hitting. Virgin Valley scored three runs in the first inning, but the Lady Lynx held them and allowed only three more the rest of the game. However, Lincoln only scored one run in the last inning.

Virgin Valley won, 6-1.

The next game, Lincoln put up more of a fight against Moapa Valley. The batting came alive, but the fielding went to sleep. After allowing Moapa to get seven runs in one inning, Lincoln had a hard road to climb to make a comeback. But they did it. They scored five runs in the last inning and could’ve tied it up with two girls on base when the last out was made. Lincoln lost 10-12.

In the game against Pahranaghat Valley, the Lady Lynx finally put it all together. Sadie Soderborg pitched a great game and the fielding was also excellent.

In the last inning, the Lady Lynx got a few runs in to secure the win at 6-2. The next morning, the girls were there physically, but seemingly forgot to be there mentally. Due to the many mistakes in the first inning and a lack of hitting, Lincoln lost 0-7 to Wells.

Boucher says, “It had its ups and downs. I tried to play every person on the team the whole weekend for at least a few innings, just to develop them. We are going to do nothing but get better, I promise.”

This weekend, Lincoln heads to St. George for the March Warm-Up Tournament.

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