Sarah Judd
Local artist Heidi Leavitt recently painted the American flag on the Pahranagat Valley ambulance barn doors.

Back in February, the Alamo ambulance barn received a facelift on its barn doors courtesy of local artist Heidi Leavitt. The inspiration for this remodeling came from Bobby Foremaster’s trip to the fire station at Ground Zero in New York City for the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Last summer, Foremaster presented a picture to Lonny Walch, Steve Meldrum, and the rest of the Pahranagat Valley Volunteer Fire District (PVVFD) board members, depicting an American flag painted on the doors. Foremaster asked if they could hire Leavitt to create a similar artwork on the barn doors and the board approved his request. However, Leavitt was already busy last summer, in the middle of her huge mural project for Logandale and the Moapa Valley, so the project was pushed back until February.

Leavitt took the photograph that Foremaster provided her and adapted it accordingly. She explained, “As an artist, you always need to be careful when someone sees something they love and they want you to replicate it for them. You just never know if there is a copyright or not, so it’s best to be safe.”

Leavitt continued, “I love painting Old Glory. I like working with the light and shadows to create that three dimensional feel and how the use of bright colors in places can give the feel of the sun shining through the flag. Plus, it’s the symbol of patriotism and we in the valley are a patriotic people. I love that our emergency personnel chose to make that statement.”

There is now talk of having the Nevada state seal and the PVVFD seal painted on the inside of the doors, along with a discussion about having similar work added to the Hiko Ambulance Barn.

Current Fire Chief Meldrum noted, “Heidi does a good job and beautiful work. The volunteers wanted to dress the ambulance barn up a bit and she did a great job making it look good. She even helped treat and paint the rest of the doors around the building. Our volunteers are what make this district possible. The volunteers do a lot for this community and it is worth the investment to spruce things up a bit.”

Walch added, “Heidi does amazing work and the doors turned out super nice. The timing of it is really important since the flag doesn’t get the respect it deserves lately.”

Board member Roberta Park has heard many great comments from people in and out of the community. Park expressed, “If you have driven up by the ball fields, you will notice the wonderful American flag mural painted on the Pahranagat Valley ambulance barn doors! Heidi Leavitt, our own valley artist, outdid herself with a tribute to our great country. The community is grateful! Thank you Heidi!”

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