Sarah Judd
One of the first-place science fair winners at Pahranagat Valley Elementary School shows how much aluminum can be recovered from soda cans.

Pahranagat Valley Elementary School held their 10th Science, Art, Literacy, and Book Fair Night on March 6.

Families came to see their students’ artwork and read their stories, as well as look over and read students’ science fair projects in each of the classrooms.

Students asked questions about various topics and used the scientific method to find answers. Topics included: How much weight can stand on eggshells? What bubble solution makes the best bubbles? What effects do sugary drinks have on our teeth? Which toothpaste cleans the best? How do you recover aluminum from soda cans? Can a magnet attract iron in cereal? Does the temperature of the ball affect its bounce?

Families also looked through and purchased books through the Book Fair.

The Science Fair winners for kindergarten were Richie Loveday (first place); Brooklyn Lytle, Layne Stout, and Charlie Lytle (second place); and Ellie Crawford, Riggin Walch, and Deacon Melton (third place).

In first grade: Landon Stewart (first place); Jeffrey Higbee and Kadynce Eizman (second place); and Lia Rowley, Hattilyn Jones, and Lane Spencer (third place). In second grade: Jason Lytle (first place); Allison Bailey (second place); and Chad Hansen, Hunter Clark, and Trysten Poulsen (third place).

In third grade: Marek Stout (first place); Sophie Walch and Max Pearson (second place); and Maiden Jones (third place).

In fourth grade: L. E. Hatch (first place); Colin Howard and Camryn Cannon (second place); and Jesse Stewart and Todd Hansen (third place).

In fifth grade: Ellie Hollis (first place); Ryder Pearson (second place); and Kaylynn Stewart, Skyla Johnson, Mylah Stout, and Shaylin Lytle (third place).

Brian Higbee, the principal, expressed, “Each year, we are amazed at the projects completed by the kids. The turnout was incredible and the fair enabled students to showcase a little bit of the work they do in class for their parents. We deeply appreciate the parents and grandparents that came and supported the kids.”

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