Deep within the foggy mists of Ireland lies a town forgotten by time, until two unwary travelers stumble upon the ageless emerald fields of Brigadoon. This play, put on by Lincoln County High School Theatre de Masque, focuses on the adventures of two American hunters that find themselves dropped directly into a small Irish village that only appears every hundred years. Once there, one of them falls in love, and after tragedy and hilarity, he must choose whether to remain in the realm of Brigadoon or return to his life and future.

Some of the highlights of the play were the performances by Lincoln Frehner, playing lovestruck Tommy Albright, and Cody Dirks as constantly tipsy Jeff Douglas. Jessica Truman played kind-hearted but wary Fiona McLaren, and Amy Gloeckner played sultry Meg Brockie.

The entire cast did an amazing job of presenting a compelling tale, as did Pete Peterson and Jacob Lester, director and assistant director, respectively.

The choreography was superb, with the sword dance being an especially memorable highlight from the play. The singing was fun and varied as well, ranging from fun, such as Meg’s “The Love of My Life,” to loving and dear, like Tommy and Fiona’s “Heather on the Hill.”

Seeing this play was much like “Brigadoon” itself: funny, strange, and in an instant, gone. The community can only hope that it doesn’t have to wait a hundred years to see it grace the stage again.

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