Alamo Sewer and Water met on March 6.

Crystal Zander’s additional hookup has been approved as long as she talks to the Lincoln County Planning Department and pays the associated fees.

The board has also approved using Bret Whipple for the 2017-2018 audit. A representative for Whipple was present at the meeting and assured the district that it will receive an audit report the first week in September and communication will be improved. Their firm will also compare rates with similar entities to discuss payment for the job.

Farr West Engineering was present via a conference call and reported that the PER draft is finished. They said an email of the draft was sent to Alamo Sewer and Water, along with Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC) for the rate study.

The district replied that they never received an email, so Farr West will double check and make sure it is re-sent soon.

The district also asked for a design build for a permit to install the water tank from Coyote Springs. Additional information is needed to find out what United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) loans will be available for upcoming big projects.

The district has decided to use a soft start for the Industrial Well.

Mesquite Electrical is booked for two months, so Trevor Laird is calling around to other companies for installation. The district also discussed having a general manager’s position to take over Jim Poulsen’s responsibilities, now that he is off the payroll. Laird has been approved by the board as a temporary general manager and will be compensated with a 10 percent raise until May, when a decision about a permanent position will be made.

The Lincoln County Workforce has a new year starting in July. They provide workers with 320 hours which can be used during the summer or stretched into the fall.

The board will discuss hiring additional help for the summer.

The district sent letters out to people with multiple hookups.

A leak on the coupling of the main in Yoppsville across from the Children’s Park has been fixed and the water samples look good.

The estimate for equipment that can fix the sewer pond tears came in at $4,000. The next meeting will be April 3 at 7 p.m.

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