The Lynx split their games in the Cowboy Classic Tournament in Las Vegas on March 24, 26, 27.

Their first game was against Clark High School. Clark took the lead in the first inning. The Lynx didn’t let them get too far ahead, going into the second inning down 3-2. However, Clark furthered their lead in this inning. Adding five more runs to the score, they topped the Lynx 8-4.

Neither team scored in the third inning.

The fourth inning repeated the first, giving Clark another three runs. Another no-run inning ended the game at 11-6, Clark.

Coach Raymond Wadsworth said, “Against Clark, I wasn’t sure how the tournament was going to be ran, so I limited my pitchers to about 35-40 pitches. We rotated through pitchers rather quickly. That made the difference in that game.”

Lincoln came back for a win against Del Sol. The Lynx’s solid hitting resulted in steady scoring, with every inning ending in at least two new runs for them. By the end of the fourth inning, Lincoln was up 10-6.

The fifth inning was a knockout for the Lynx. Nine runs, compared to Del Sol’s three, solidified the Lynx’s win, 19-9.

The Lynx returned Monday morning to play Mojave. Lincoln jumped on the lead in the first inning, 2-0. Mojave managed to keep them from getting any more runs in the second and secured three themselves.

The Lynx once again took the lead in the third, but only by one. The fourth inning tied it up, 7-7.

Mojave made three runs in the top of the sixth. Two runs later and Lincoln just couldn’t keep up. Mojave topped them after the intense game, 10-9.

Wadsworth mentioned, “That was just a great, fun game, back and forth, battling. They had a couple of good timely hits and we could never get one. So that was the difference there.”

Now, when the Lynx beat a team, they really beat them. Western experienced this. Neither team scored in the first two innings. Finally, in the third, the Lynx got up by three and kept Western from scoring til the fifth inning.

The Lynx then rounded off the game with two more runs in the sixth inning to win 7-1.

“Everyone played really well. Kobe Walker played well all weekend. Dean Ottley hit really well. Mason Thornock pitched really well. So did Alex Vincent. The freshmen, Kobe Kelley, Matt Hafen, and Talon Phillips, all did really well in the roles we wanted them to play. It was just a great team effort in our wins and a great team effort in our losses,” Wadsworth concluded.

Today, the boys play Lake Mead in Las Vegas at 1 p.m and 3 p.m.

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