The Alamo Town Board met March 14.

Mike Strong Sr. made a public comment about having the school district possibly take over and lease or own the baseball field. The school district doesn’t currently own any parks, so this would be the first. This item will be put on the next agenda and board members agreed to research what might need to happen to make such a request possible.

The Friends of Pahranagat Valley are finishing the state permit and are planning the Splash Pad’s grand opening during the third weekend in April. They are also working on finishing touches such as installing the backflow device and pipe and sprinklers and sod, along with donor bricks, plaques, benches, and a privacy fence around the pump so it is locked up and protected.

The town will have Bobby Foremaster keep an eye on the pump for maintenance and will let the Friends of Pahranagat Valley know if any big issues. They also will be asking Alamo Sewer and Water to help check water levels periodically.

The board had a discussion about the available RTC funds for the town of Alamo and would like to draw up plans to use the money for flood control. Proposals include a dike between the Motocross course and the Rodeo Arena grounds, along with building a bigger retention basin along the softball field.

Board member Vern Holaday plans on attending the next RTC meeting to gather more information.

Bobby Foremaster reported that all of the door handles have been fixed at the Rodeo Grounds and they have a lifetime warranty. He also requested some new swings for the Children’s Park.

The Nevada State Parks Department wants to put on a movie in the Children’s Park but the date in April is still pending.

Great Basin Foods has decided to close down all credit accounts at the store so the board is trying to figure out who they can buy gas and supplies through in the future. They plan to discuss this problem further with the county to come up with a new solution.

The board also approved plans for Quinn and Chrisanne Walch to build a home within the town limits.

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