Dave Maxwell
Looking north in the hallway of the newly remodeled Alamo Annex building. Steel doors have been placed on all the offices and bathrooms and new ceiling lighting installed.

The Alamo Annex building, home to the Pahranagat Valley Justice Court offices as well as the local office of the County Sheriff’s Department, Nevada Highway Patrol and the Lincoln County Library, is getting an interior remodeling.

Once used as the Pahranagat Valley High School until 1958, the Annex is having steel doors put on all of the offices and restrooms.

Justice Nola Holton said the interior doors are being replaced for security reasons and to have better LED lighting in the hallways. “Makes it quite a bit brighter.”

In addition, she said the hallway walls have been retextured and a new ceiling installed and new floor moldings.

The double glass doors that went into the Justice Department office have been replaced with a single steel door with a window. The door to the Sheriff’s department does not have a window any longer.

“We are also looking at putting some cameras in for security,” she noted. “And it wasn’t too hard for a person to get through the old doors if they really wanted to. We have eliminated that risk now.”

The courtroom remains unchanged. Many people might not know when the courtroom itself was remodeled a few years ago, the original basketball gym wood floor from the 1937 building was uncovered and restored. What is now the courtroom was once part of the school’s basketball court.

The doors at the main entrance of the Annex, up the front steps, will remain the same and the wood pellet stove remains also.

The remodeling goes all the way down the north hall, but does not include the two meeting rooms at that end or the door that go into the library from inside the building.

Pearson Bros. Construction has been doing the remodeling. “They’re almost done,” Holton said.

The photos of local military veterans in the north hallway were taken down temporarily but will be put back up.

Holton attended high school in the building, “quite some time ago,” she said.

Imagine the changes since her own time there.

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