Another game goes well for the Lynx. They played Lake Mead Christian Academy on Friday April 6th, and came out strong as ever.

“We were able to come away with both wins. They were a really good team, well- coached, they could hit the ball, they could field the ball, they could pitch the ball. Fortunately, we were able to do the same, and do a little bit more than them.” Said Coach Raymond Wadsworth.

In the first inning of the first game, the Lynx took a 6-1 lead over Lake Mead.

Wadsworth also said, “We hit the ball really well in the first game, in the first inning. We jumped on them pretty quick, and scored 6 runs in the first inning. We kind of dejected them a little bit. They had the mindset that they were going to win both games, which is a good mindset to have, but I think that first inning kind of set the tone for us and where we wanted to be and it shocked them in a way that they maybe weren’t prepared.”

The second inning was a little slower, neither team scored. The Lynx came back into it in the bottom of the third. 3 more runs gave the Lynx a good lead. By the 5th inning the score was 9-2. Lake Mead had a pretty solid top of the 5th, adding 3 runs to their score. The Lynx, however, wouldn’t allow Lake Mead the comeback. The Lynx fought back with 7 runs, making the final score 16-5.

Wadsworth said, “Everyone hit pretty well that first game, and Alex Vincent pitched for us and did an exceptional job.”

Alex Vincent had a good pitching game, striking out 7 batters. Vincent had a good hitting game, too, he went 4 for 3 with 3 RBI’s. Kamdon Lewis also went 4 for 3 and with 4 RBI’s.

The next game, Lake Mead seemed to warm up a little. The teams each scored their first run in the first inning. Lake Mead took the lead, 1-3, in the bottom of the second. Lincoln pushed ahead in the top of the third, 4-3. Holding Lake Mead at 3 runs, the Lynx got back on offense in the top of the 4th and scored another 6 runs. Lincoln was now ahead 10-3. They scored two more runs in the 5th inning. By the 6th, the score was 12-4. The 7th inning came around and Lake Mead went on a spree. 5 runs came a little too close to home for the Lynx. They fought hard on defense and kept the lead. Lincoln won 12-9.

Kobe Walker pitched and came out striking out 4 batters.

Wadsworth mentioned, “Second game, same thing, we jumped out on top pretty quick. Kobe Walker pitched for us and did a fantastic job. The second game was a little closer than we thought it should’ve been. We kind of faltered at the end a little bit with pitching and they hit the ball really well when we threw them a strike. The final score of that game was 12-9. The score was 12-3 going into the 5th and we just couldn’t push any runs across to 10 run them like we did in the first game. We’ve got big games this week against Needles, hopefully we can prepare ourselves this week in practice and come out with a couple more wins.”

Friday, April 13th, the Lynx play Needles High School at 10 am and 12 pm at home.

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