The Caliente City Council held its regularly scheduled meeting last Thursday.

During public comment concerning items on the agenda, Mahoney Perkins said, “As most of you know, Gettin’ It Garage and Tires is changing hands and I want to take this opportunity to thank the city council and the people of Caliente and the surrounding area for the support we’ve got. I believe we have found the perfect people in the Toppings to take this over. I’d like to ask you to support them in the same way you supported us as being part of the community. This is allowing a Topping son to come home from Reno to his hometown, and I’d recommend Caliente to anyone to open a small business by the way we were received and supported.”

The business’ new name will be Topps Tires and Services. Mahoney and Luke Perkins will still be selling bumpers and flatbeds.

Lynn Jackson came before the council for Best in the Desert to hold a pre-run for the Silver State 300 Race on April 21 and 22, with the race taking place on May 5. Proof of insurance was provided.

The pre-race and race comes down Antelope Canyon, across the highway, and up the canyon. It goes past the ranches up Barnes Canyon and across to Beaver Dam. Everyone that will be affected has been contacted and there have been no concerns noted.

There will be around 100 to 150 participants in the pre-race. The speed limit up the canyon is 25 mph past the Lytle Ranch. On race day, May 5, they are asking that people refrain from using the road.

Jackson said one thing that Casey started was having this as a two day event, The VFW will be doing a dinner for them on Saturday evening and the Caliente Volunteer Fire Department will be doing breakfast Sunday morning. The council approved the April 21-22 and May 5 requests.

Todd Parker addressed the council next, asking for approval for the 34th annual Nevada 200 Trail Ride April 13-15. Parker read a letter from Scott Harden addressed to the council, stating:

“Nevada 200 Trail Ride have been thankful to Caliente our home for all these years. Last year we had a really tough year for Nevada 200 as our leader and lifelong friend Casey Folks passed away, leaving us to carry on the event on our own. Since then, my company, Harden Off Road, has joined with Casey’s son, Daryl Folks, to carry on the tradition and keep it going for the next few years.

“Our goal for the Nevada 200 remains the same, to share the unique setting of Caliente, Nevada, and the mountains and desert of Lincoln County with our guests from all over the world, and to host a fun event that shows off-road and motorcycling in a positive light. With your blessings, we will continue to do so.

“We have applied for all the proper BLM permits and insurance and notified all the land owners that will be impacted by the event. In addition we will be using as many local businesses and groups like the VFW for this event.“

Parker went on to say, “This is not a race in any size, shape, or form. It’s a trail ride to enjoy the trails and setting. These are people who are coming on vacation and could go anyplace in the world and they are choosing to come here to Caliente to have fun and get away from the world.“

The race will start at Agua Caliente, go up Antelope Canyon and Barnes Canyon, in front of the Hot Springs Motel, and end at Agua Caliente. They expect about 150 riders.

Parker also said they had an event last week, with the Yucca Chuckers, and 140 riders participated. “I gave the city a $75 deposit for a meter out there. I’d like to donate it to the City of Caliente for whatever water we used.” Handing the check over, he added, “This is from the Yucca Chuckers.”

Councilman Victor Jones said he was excited that they will be able to see the new bike trails and maybe come back.

Attorney Dylan Frehner asked, “If they aren’t using any city streets, I’m wondering, why are they coming before the council?”

Jones responded, “They come here every year, basically asking for our blessing, as a courtesy.”

The council went on to approve the motion.

Dave Martin, of GroundShakers, asked the council for a donation of $2,000 from the room tax fund. He said, “We seek out donations from small businesses and someone told me about the room tax fund and I thought I’d check it out.”

Councilman Jones said, “I’m not sure we can be a sponsor to anything other than to provide the place, water, and things we do normally.”

Councilman John Ahlstrom’s thoughts were similar to Jones’. “We’re looking at different ways to pay for water and garbage, so we’re looking at special event fees. We’re looking at ways we can generate money, rather than spend it. You know that I am 100 percent for all the racing events. We do give money to special events like the softball tournament, but that generates money not only for the motels and RV parks but the restaurants, gas station, and bars.”

Jones noted, “For a one-day event, it’s kind of hard to sponsor an event.’’

Martin any donation would be welcome.

Ahlstrom asked how many racers he expected and Martin said they are trying to hit the 200 mark.

Councilman Cody Christensen asked if any were expected to spend the night. Martin said they always do.

At the end, Ahlstrom moved to give $500 to the group from the room tax fund. The motion passed.

The council approved the Memorial Day Committee’s request to close Conaway Street between Main Street and Dixon Street on Sunday, May 27, for a car show.

A business license for Joel Topping was tabled until he has his state licence. He will be operating under the Gettin’ It Garage license until he gets a state license and then a city license.

Skyler Liston also applied for a business license for Inline Automotive Group. He will be doing business in Antelope Canyon on the Barlow property, selling used cars mostly online. He also has to get the state license before getting his city license. Both items are to be on future agendas.

It was mentioned the city of Caliente joins with local law enforcement, local and state victims’ advocacy groups, assistance organizations and efforts, including Marcy’s Law and the Office for Victims of Crime in the U.S. Department of Justice, to support for victims of crimes. In Nevada, a violent crime happens every 26 minutes.

The council approved the week of April 8-14 as “National Crime Victims Rights Week.”

Mayor George T. Rowe signed the proclamation.

A public hearing on Bill 2018 – Ordinance #186, an Ordinance annexing 231 acres owned by Raymond Thompson, was read, with no comment. The council went on to approve the annexation.

The next meeting will be April 19 at the Depot at 6 p.m

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