Junior Kendra Mathews hitting a homerun versus Enterprise, putting Lincoln up 8-7. This hit followed sophomore Sadie Soderborg hitting a three-run homerun to tie the game.

The Lady Lynx had a successful week. First, on Wednesday, April 18, the girls played an intense game against Enterprise. Then they rolled over Calvary Chapel and Democracy Prep in the following days.

Enterprise capitalized on Lincoln’s mistakes in the inning. They took advantage of the Lynx’s slow start and scored twice, right off the bat. The Lynx had quite a few good hits when they were up to bat, but they were countered easily by Enterprise.

Until the sixth inning, the Lynx could not seem to break the gap between them and Enterprise. At that point, Sadie Soderborg hit a homerun with two RBIs, bringing the Lynx up 7-5. Kendra Mathews got up to bat and hit her homerun right after, putting the Lynx up 8-5.

During the final inning, the Lynx fought to protect their lead. With 2 outs, an Enterprise batter sent a ball deep into right field. KyLee Cameron snagged the catch to win the game 8-7.

In the first game against Calvary, the Lynx got an early start. They allowed Calvary to get those two runs in the first and decided no more. In the second inning, Lincoln took the lead, 7-2. This time, it was Cameron’s turn to send one over the fence. The girls were relentless and made run after run. Lincoln won 18-2.

In the second game, Lincoln took the initiative and for the first couple innings it was just run after run and stolen base after stolen base. Towards the end of the game, the Lynx faltered a little and allowed Calvary to gain a few runs on them.

After a particularly rough inning, Mathews came back and recovered with another homerun. The team regained momentum and got a few more runs. Lincoln won 21-6.

On Tuesday, April 24, Lincoln played Democracy Prep in Las Vegas. They crushed the first game, winning 19-0. In the second game, they allowed Democracy one run, but still won 16-1.

This weekend, they head to Laughlin, NV, to play Laughlin High School on Friday, April 27.

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