Lincoln County kicked off last week against Dixie High School’s JV team. They ended up with four solid wins against Calvary Chapel and Democracy Prep, though Dixie’s JV beat Lincoln County, 9-4.

Coach Wadsworth said, “It was a good game. Dixie’s got a great program; they’re a big school. We hung tough with them, but made a few errors. And that kind of cost us the game there. Other than that, it was great to have good competition, see some really excellent pitching, and just to try to put the ball in play against them and do what we do. It was definitely a very good learning experience for us.”

The boys came back and showed what they had learned that Friday against Calvary. The first inning already had them up three runs. Lincoln held the Lions at zero and scored another three runs in the top of the second. The Lynx scored steadily, with at least one run every inning and the last two runs in the fifth, winning 12-0.

Alex Vincent had two hits, with one double. Mason Thornock had two hits and two RBIss. Kobe Walker also hit a double. Dean Ottley had two 2 hits and two RBIs. Vincent also pitched this game and did a good job. Calvary only managed to get two hits.

Wadsworth said, “Alex pitched the first game and did a really good job. We did well offensively. We put the ball in play and got a few timely hits and just did a good job.”

Calvary warmed up a little in this game, but it was not even close to enough to overtake the Lynx.

Lincoln scored the first two runs in the bottom of the first. The next two innings were pretty slow for both teams, with neither scoring. Then, in the top of the fourth, Calvary got their first and only run.

The Lynx came back swinging, literally, and answered with five runs. They took the lead with 7-1. Another run in the fifth, and three more in the sixth, sealed the deal for the Lynx. They won, 11-1.

Vincent had two more hits this game, including a double with 2 RBIs.

Walker, the pitcher, had two hits of his own, including a double, and only allowed one hit. Thornock hit a homerun and brought in 2 RBIs.

Wadsworth said, “Kobe Walker pitched and did a great job. He kept them off balance. It was just great pitching and an all-around great team effort. Mason Thornock hit a two-run homer that game. Just pretty exciting stuff.”

On Tuesday, April 24, the Lynx played Democracy Prep in Las Vegas.

Lincoln kicked off the game with a good start and an even better middle. Four runs in the first inning was already a hard lead to catch up to, not to mention the 10-run streak in the top of the second. They scored yet another three runs in the top of the third. Democracy scored two runs in the bottom of the third, but the Lynx won 17-2.

Allen Toledo had two hits, one a triple, with one RBI. Thornock also hit a triple, with 2 RBIs. Hunter Cluff had two hits.

The Lynx play Laughlin High School in Laughlin, NV, on Friday, April 27, at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

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