Dana Lee Fruend
Students and staff from past and present gathered at Caliente Elementary on April 22 to open a 1998 time capsule.

A time capsule was planted in the ground on Earth Day April 22, 1998.

Fast forward 20 years and on April 24, 2018 the Caliente Elementary School time capsule was dug up, opened and shared with The school kids and guests.

The event was held inside the CE School Gym.

Upon opening by School Principal, Cherry Florence, each piece was carfully extracted and shared with the enthusiastic crowd.

Kids were thrilled to see the treasures of the past being unveiled.

Former school staff, aides and students that were there in 1998 and attending the event today were, Brent Perkins, Tiffeny Tingy, Lynn Wood, Ann Smith, Robin Mangum, Taneil Hunter, Justin Barnett and “Mr. Ed” who was the Caliente Elementary School Custodian in 1998. One young student was shown an article with her fathers name in it, he was part of the LCHS Prom Royalty.

Inside the Time Capsule held pictures from the old school before the new one was built, a copy of the Lincoln County Record Newspaper, other news clippings from the Times and other magazines and an Earth Day letter from the Principle who was Niki Holton at that time.

Also inside was Information on who was the State Governor and the Caliente Mayor in 1998. They were Bob Miller and Kevin Phillips.

The Time Capsule was constructed of PVC Pipe and covererd with heavy plastic. The Capsule was buried outside the Maintenance Room, which in 1998, John Thomson and Mr. Hiezelbetz of LCSD Maintenance Department had buried it.

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