The Caliente City Council met April 19, with all council members in attendance.

The council approved the recommendation for a boundary line adjustment between James W. Henesh and Phillip Emery Reeves properties on Spring Street.

The Beautification Committee’s request to serve alcohol in Rose Memorial Park as a fundraiser was withdrawn from the agenda by the committee.

A donation of $2,500 for the Lincoln County High School Rodeo Club was approved for the annual rodeo, being held May 3-5.

The donation of Caliente’s arena system to the Lincoln County High School Rodeo Club was tabled, with the decision made that the club will borrow it instead. The donation of the equipment will be on a future agenda.

The council noted that when the equipment is eventually donated, “it would be nice to have a banner that goes with it that says City of Caliente.”

The business license for Skyler Liston’s Inline Automotive Group was tabled. A temporary business license for Grant Perkin was approved.

The business license for Topps Tire was approved. They are taking over Gettin’ It Garage, which has allowed Daniel Topping to come home and run the business.

Mahoney and Luke Perkins are still selling bumpers and flat beds.

The SNORE Knotty Pine 250 Off-Road race was approved for June 8-9.

Annexation for parcels 013-030-21, 013-160-02, 013-160-63, 013-160-03, 013-030-18, and 013-020-27 was approved for 3J Cattle LLC, owned by Jared Brackenbury.

The Creative Artists of Lincoln County requested and was granted permission to hold a dance on the patio area of the Depot during homecoming weekend on May 26.

The council also approved the second amendment to the agreement between the city of Caliente and general sales drivers, delivery drivers and helpers, and the public sector, Teamsters Local Union No. 14. This will take effect July 1, 2018.

While waiting on the final paperwork for the Mountain Bike Project, the council gave approval for the release of the retention payment to American Ramp Company. John Ahlstrom will sign off on this when paperwork is received.

Attorney Dylan Frehner said that all three of the companies that applied for marijuana licenses for this area have been approved by the state of Nevada. The next step will be to apply for their city business license.

The next council meeting will be May 3.

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