Marni, an Italian luxury fashion label from Rome, founded by Consuelo Castiglioni in 1994, did a fall fashion shoot in Alamo last week.

The Marni label, with a worldwide distribution online as well as retail outlets, is known for its nuanced individualist fashion for both men and women.

The shoot used local people who responded to an advertisement about the event. Dennis Kellogg and Katrina Hansen were two of about 20 locals chosen to model the clothing.

Coordinator Stephano Caputo said the company, using British fashion photographer Jamie Hawkesworth, was in town “doing a fashion and video shoot for two days.”

Caputo commented that Hawkesworth had been in Pahranagat Valley working on another project a couple of years ago and “remembered the area and the setting and landscapes, the hills in the background, and the opportunity to use non-professional models, would be just perfect for this fashion shoot.”

He said the fashions being featured in the shoot will be available in August and September, part of the Marni fall-winter collection.

Hansen said it was a lot of fun. “I signed up for it basically for my kids, Colbie, age 3, and Carly, age 1. They used me primarily though, but also the girls for a little bit. They just put together some clothes for the kids on the spot. Their staff displayed amazing hospitality. And we did get paid a little bit for our work.”

Kellogg said he was also chosen as a model and it was a lot of fun. “I saw the notice on the bulletin board and thought it looked like fun. I’ll go see, and they picked me.”

The shoot was done in the early evening and early morning hours, as instructed by the photographer.

One of the sessions was done on Broadway Street next to the LDS church, looking east. Hawkesworth “really liked the communications tower next to the church building as well as the light coming in through the hills and the trees. He likes natural light, not artificial light.”

Silvia Farago, from London, producer of the shoot, explained that Hawkesworth, “stayed at Cowboy’s Dream when he passed through the valley a few years ago and fell in love with the town. And when the project came up, he was initially the one who proposed the location and that’s how it happened.”

Because the fashions will not be available until fall, no photos of the clothing being modeled were permitted for this article.