Dear Editor,

Mr. Hooge, In response to your letter to the editor, and, inasmuch as you used this public forum I will also. Sir let me start this with a few things about myself. 1. I am not related to Mr. Higbee. 2. Him and I will never invite each other over to dinner. 3. I completely disagree with his sports vs. education policies.

Having said that what you said about your belief that it is better to do what is right and lose, and your job of seek the truth and justice. I believe sir that you have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that you neither believe in, or practice either one of those. I say this because of the way we watched you railroad a wonderful person in Alamo that blew the whistle on an associate of yours, without so much as a 5 minute investigation. You sent it to the state AG and they offered to put her in prison for a while or allow her to cop to a lesser charge that would still end her career. She chose the second as they had no money to fight you and the money they did have was going to the healthcare of a sick child. No sir I do not know all of the details of that episode, however I worked with her and had to witness her (what I believe to be ) unjustified down fall. Sir I don’t know what Mr. Higbee did or did not do, I am not speaking to that. What I am speaking to is my belief that you would not know what truth and justice, or doing what’s right is if it bit you in the buttocks. I’ve been wrong before but I don’t think so this time.

Steve Meldrum

Dear Editor,

Recently I had an emergency and had to be transported from Pioche to Grover C. Dils Hospital by ambulance. The responders were great. I would encourage more people to get involved in this volunteer program. I’ve heard that one of the problems is the cost of the training to the volunteers. The books and necessary supplies can cost as much as $300, and many people who are interested can’t afford it. Maybe someone can come up with a way to raise funds for this need.

I want to sincerely thank those who were there for me when I needed them. God bless all the first responders in our wonderful country. I also want to thank all of the medical personnel at Grover C. Dils Hospital who treated me before sending me to Las Vegas by Flight For Life helicopter.


Sunny Palsgrove


Dear Editor,

I give my strongest recommendation to re-elect John Ellison for Assembly District 33.

When his opponent Chris Johnson announced his candidacy to seek the seat, the media reported that the outgoing mayor of Elko claimed he was unfamiliar with Assemblyman John Ellison’s voting record. Really? You’re the mayor of Elko and you have no clue how well your district legislators are representing you and your constituents?

Frankly, I find that hard to believe. It doesn’t make sense that a city mayor would not be tuned to Assemblyman John Ellison’s conservative voting record, and I’m more inclined to believe that Chris Johnson doesn’t want to publicly acknowledge John Ellison’s record because Chris Johnson faces an uphill battle should he attempt to “out-conservative” John Ellison’s conservatism.

I can tell you that I am certainly aware of Mayor Chris Johnson’s record, and I dislike what I have seen. Chris Johnson has been quick to support tax increases on his constituents, and as mayor of Elko he has habitually pressured the Elko County Commissioners to raise different taxes on his own constituents. That is the type of leadership that reeks of an inner-swamp dwelling.

Who are the swamp-constructing powers-to-be that would encourage someone like Chris Johnson to campaign against an already well-placed conservative incumbent who consistently fights against tax increases? District 33 is a conservative district, and John Ellison has a solid conservative voting record. Replacing an experienced conservative legislator with a freshman like Chris Johnson who historically lobbies for tax increases on his own citizens would be a dangerous mistake for rural Nevada.

Assemblyman John Ellison has been rated highly by many conservative groups including the American Conservative Union Foundation, and he is a very strong defender of the Second Amendment. Rural Nevada is well represented by John Ellison’s recurring conservative leadership. Please continue to give your support to John Ellison for Assembly District 33.

Senator Don Gustavson

Dear Editor,

As the Republican Leader for the Nevada State Assembly, I’ve had the opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with John Ellison in Carson City during the last three legislative sessions, and if I learned one thing, it’s this: rural Nevadans have a reliable, relentless ally and friend in John Ellison. He is a solid A+ with the NRA and the Nevada Firearms Coalition, he is endorsed by Nevada Right to Life, he’s fought to keep Nevada from becoming a Sanctuary State, and he has consistently been rated one of the top conservatives in all of Nevada by the Nevada Policy Research Institute and the American Conservative Union.

John’s commitment to the residents of District 33 in Northeastern Nevada is second to none. He has been a central figure in bringing new investments, jobs and economic opportunities for rural Nevada, as well as increased funding for Great Basin College. He’s done all this without supporting higher taxes. John has also been steadfast in guarding the traditions of our land, working diligently to increase local control of our land and water. John knows Washington doesn’t know best … Nevada knows best!

In addition, John has been recognized by a wide range of important groups throughout our state, from the Nevada Press Association, the Nevada Association of Counties, and Citizen Outreach—which named John as the most effective legislator in the state. He is widely respected in Elko, Spring Creek, Carlin, Eureka, Jackpot, Ely, all the way down to Pioche, for his ability to get the job done without compromising his principles.

We need John’s experience and effectiveness now more than ever. The last session saw some of the most extreme proposals being brought forward by legislative Democrats. The leader of the Senate Democrats said, on the record, that if he had his way, prisoners would be able to vote from their prison cells, just like in Maine or Vermont. Think about that—the inmates at Ely State Prison voting in White Pine County Elections. John will stop that from ever happening, just like he will help us stop Nevada from becoming a Sanctuary State for violent, illegal immigrants.

It’s legislative experience and relationships that help Republicans stick together and put a stop to outrageous proposals that meaningfully threaten rural communities. That’s why I am proud to endorse and work with John Ellison. I respectfully request that you join me in supporting John so that with his seniority, he will continue to be a powerful voice and advocate for rural Nevada. Please vote John Ellison on June 12th.

Jim Wheeler

Assembly Republican Leader (District 39—Douglas, Lyon & Storey Counties)