Collin Anderson
Amy Gloeckner recommends hiring a visual art teacher to the Lincoln County School District Board.

On May 10, the Lincoln County School District’s board of trustees gathered near the close of the school year. The meeting started out with the board recognizing the retirement of Annette Jorgensen and offering its gratitude for her service.

Next, school reports were presented, starting with Pioche Elementary. Faculty members brought a few of their students to let them show off their “someday stories,” small books that the students filled with stories and drawings depicting what they want to accomplish someday.

Lincoln County High then reported that one of its FFA members won state in the prepared speaking competition and that this young woman will soon be moving on to nationals. They also added that one of their other members made it to state in welding. Also, the choir and band received good marks during their last festival, and that the merit evening and freshmen orientation are coming up.

Next, Pahranagat Valley Schools reported that their own FFA member would be headed to nationals. The board congratulated both speakers on their success. After discussing a recent activity with Paul Mathews and the Mathews farm, as well as giving a report on the Hoover Dam trip that the second graders attended, the Alamo faculty asked that the subject of hiring a paraprofessional be tabled until the next meeting so that they could have ample time to review the many applications received. Alamo finished with a report about their Panther Pride trip to Magic Mountain, and a successful attendance audit.

Up next, Panaca Elementary announced that some of the younger grades are going to St. George soon. They expressed their gratitude to the PTA for setting up the trip. They also reported on the talent show held recently, which was a great success.

Caliente Elementary reported on their own successful talent show, a wonderful science fair, and the opening of a time capsule.

Meadow Valley Middle School reported on their Hoover Dam trip.

Wrapping up the reports was C.O. Bastian, which reported that they were getting additional funding, thanks to some help from Carson City. They also reported on a visit from the Legislative Bureau, and on another five graduates that they were excited to see succeed.

Following this, Amy Gloeckner, a student at Lincoln County High, came before the board to request that a visual arts teacher be hired either as a part-time or full-time position. Her reasoning stemmed from multiple studies (including one study performed by Gloeckner herself) showing art helps the mind retain information better and therefore helps learning. She expressed her belief that LCHS students going into visual arts after graduation will be considerably behind their peers and noted that students deserve additional options.

While the board was sympathetic to these ideas, it explained that there is not enough money to afford an art teacher at the moment. However, the board noted that it would be open to using any additional funds that either teachers or faculty can raise to pay for such an endeavor. While the board did end up denying the request for a new visual arts teacher, the consensus was that they did so on the basis that both the superintendent and the students (as well as anyone else interested in helping) will continue to look for funding elsewhere.

Finally, there were a handful of resignations to conclude the meeting including Gary Wood, Tia Lee, Cherie Whitney, and Mary Jean Lucht. The board then announced that the new principal of Caliente Elementary will be Sharon Dirks.