May is Wildfire Awareness Month. In keeping with the theme, Nevada residents are being urged to prepare for wildfire year-round.

The University of Nevada Cooperative Extension (UNR) is once again coordinating the collaborative efforts of federal, state, and local fire services, public safety agencies, community organizations, and others to participate in wildfire-prevention activities throughout May.

The theme chosen for this year’s efforts is “Prepare Now: Wildfire Knows No Season!”

Residents in wildfire-prone communities are encouraged to prepare their homes and families, anticipate environmental conditions, and take precautions on Red Flag Warning days and evacuate quickly when directed to do so by emergency responders.

Ed Smith, UNR Cooperative Extension natural resource specialist and director of the Living with Fire education program, commented, “Wildfire occurs year-round in Nevada. Examples include three large fires that occurred in the Reno-Carson City area in November and December 2011 and January 2012. “Knowing this,” he said, “residents in wildfire-prone areas need to be prepared, anytime, any day.”

The Mt. Wilson Fire Station is holding an event in Lincoln County on May 23 to educate the community on a fire-adapted community plan and how they can be part of preparing for fire in their community.

The event may include the Ember House, a youth activity bean bag toss game. Jamie Roice-Gomes, of UNR, said, “Kids throw beanbags or ping-pong balls that represent fire embers at a model of a house and they stick to the vulnerable parts of the house.”

Other information will be on fire-resistant plants, tips on defensible space, and landscaping. The Mt. Wilson event might even include raffle prizes for kids and adults, a free barbecue, and an appearance by Smokey Bear.

For activities scheduled at Mt. Wilson, go to, or contact Jamie Roice-Gomes at UNR, 775-336-0261, or Lincoln County Fire District Coordinator Eric Holt at the courthouse in Pioche.