The Alamo Town Board met on May 10. Bobby Foremaster put in his two weeks’ notice to stop working for the town. Foremaster has agreed to keep mowing the grass until a replacement is hired.

A written agreement between the Lincoln County School District and the Town Board is being drafted to be brought before the County Commissioners meeting for a final approval. The agreement will assign the Lincoln County School District as the entity in charge of operations over the high school baseball field in Alamo.

The Friends of Pahranagat Valley requested maintenance help from the town board by the person who will be hired in Foremaster’s place. The Splash Pad’s water is currently being tested and the Friends of PV would like the new person to take over testing the water as well as cleaning out the drains and hosing off the filters.

The Town Board is looking to fill Foremaster’s position, along with one or two summer time workers. These positions will be advertised in the paper.