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Lincoln County High School baseball team celebrates after winning the state title by beating Yerington, 13-5.

Lincoln County High School?s baseball team came home with its third consecutive state championship with a 13-5 win over Yerington on May 19.

The first game of the state tourney on the 17th was a battle against North Tahoe. Neither team scored in the first two innings. Lincoln came out in the bottom of the third with three solid runs to get the lead going. However, North Tahoe responded well with three runs of their own, matching the Lynx. Lincoln landed another run, giving them the lead by one. With two more runs in the bottom of the sixth and no more runs in the top of the seventh, the Lynx won, 6-4.

Alex Vincent pitched and allowed five hits, striking out four batters. McKinley O?Connor closed and struck out three with two hits.

Coach Raymond Wadsworth said, ?This game was so close for a couple reasons. It was the first game of the tournament, the kids had some jitters, and North Tahoe is a great club. They?re in the playoffs for a reason because they are well coached and disciplined and they have some good athletes. We were fortunate enough to come away with the win. Our goal was to play perfectly. We had a few errors that cost us a few runs, but the boys were able to rise above all of that and still come out on top.?

Mason Thornock and Kobe Walker both had two hits, each with one double. Dean Ottley went 2-for-3 with one RBI. Kamdon Lewis had one double with three RBIs. O?Connor went 2-for-2 with two RBIs.

Lincoln County next played Lake Mead for the fifth time this season, overcoming them every time before. This game was no different.

the Lynx scored their first two runs in the bottom of the first. In the third, Lake Mead finally answered with two runs. Walker?s home run opened the fourth inning up to six more runs, giving the Lynx a strong lead. Lake Mead couldn?t get another runner to home and Lincoln scored another four runs in the bottom of the fifth. Lincoln won, 12-2.

Walker pitched and struck out four batters. He allowed six hits.

Vincent went 2-for-3 at bat with one RBI. Thornock had two hits. Walker went 3-for-4 with one double and a home run with four RBIs. Ottley was 2-for-3 with two RBIs. Kamdon Lewis had one hit with two RBIs. Franklin Toledo had one hit with one RBI. Mathew Hafen had one hit.

?I really drilled the boys on staying focused and not having a letdown game and not underestimating Lake Mead. I think we played nearly perfect defensively; we had some great pitching by Kobe Walker and great hitting by most of the team. We just all around did a good job,? said Wadsworth.

On May 19, Saturday morning, Lincoln played Yerington. A win would mean securing the title for Lincoln. A loss would mean one final game in the double-elimination format.

Yerington came out with a strong first inning, scoring three runs right off the bat. Lincoln was unable to match it. Yerington continued to score in the first couple innings, taking the lead 6-0 by the third. Neither team scored until the seventh when Yerington scored their final run and stole the game, 7-0.

Thornock pitched, striking out three batters.

Wadsworth said, ?I gathered the team together after the game and told them how excited I was and how excited they should be. I wasn?t mad at them for the way that they had played previously. I told them how they need to get up for the game and leave it all on the field. My assistant coach gave them a speech about playing with their head and their heart and man, the boys really responded well.?

Lincoln was not taking no for an answer. They had one more game left and they proved determined to win it.

Both teams were held at zero for the first two innings. The Lynx finally took the initiative and scored six runs in the top of the third. They added on another four in the top of the fourth and one more in the fifth. Finally, in the bottom of the fifth, Yerington scored their first two runs. The Lynx were up 11-2 in the top of the sixth. Yerington scored another three runs, but Lincoln had it in the bag. The Lynx scored one final run in the top of the seventh. The crowd held its breath in the bottom of the seventh, but Lincoln wasn?t going to let this game get away from them.

Wadsworth said, ?Kobe Walker was on the mound and did a wonderful job. Around the third inning our bats just came alive and we just rolled. It was a great experience for the boys, great experience for myself. I feel very fortunate to have coached these kids for so many years and to see them progress not just as ball players, but as men. And I?m truly proud of them.?

Lincoln ended their season with a 26-7 overall record and 16-0 league record.


All League 2A

League Co-MVPs: Kobe Walker and Alex Vincent

Coach of the Year: Raymond Wadsworth

1st Team

McKinley O?Connor, Mason Thornock, Frank Toledo, Ezra Ponce, Jayden Yeager, Dillon Darrow, Bryan White, Joseph Johnson, Diego Trujillo, Malik Ksouri, Justin Tanaka, Sam Kaplan

2nd Team

Dean Ottley, Kamdon Lewis, Kobe Kelley, Dillon Horn, Josiah Kidd, Dawson Yeager, Dominick Deseh, Mark Costollo, Ryan Kennedy, Richard Coulston, Andrew Braaksma, Koby Myxter, Coby Delaney

Honorable Mention

Robert Hancock, Tyler White, AJ Underwood, Logan Sullivan, TJ Yurrek, Cesar Arellano, Tyreece Gonzalez, Tyrell Gonzalez, Gage Terry, Ryan Carroll

All-State 2A

State MVP: Kobe Walker

Coach of the Year: Raymond Wadsworth

1st Team

Alex Vincent, McKinley O?Connor, Mason Thornock, Justin Olmstead, Micheal Nicholas, Tevor Evasovic, Joey Johnson, Bryan White, Koby Mattson, Graham Payne, Diego Trujillo, Sam Kaplan

2nd Team

Franklin Toledo, Nate Landa, Joe Lanza, Rees Artz, Mason Fuller, Malik Ksouri, Jayden Yeager, Ezra Ponce, Dillon Darrow, Egaurdo Gonzalez, Fabian Martinez, Luis Estrarza

Honorable Mention

Justin Tanaka, Tristan Summers

Members of the Lincoln County High School Softball team who made All League Teams.

1st Team

Hannah Bleak, Kailey Kelley, Macie Howard, Sadie Soderborg

2nd Team

Brynlee Wadsworth, Kendra Mathews, Sadie Teel

Honorable Mention

Aya Rowe

Freshman of the Year

Alexis Long