The Pahranagat Valley Fire District met on May 23.

According to the Department of Taxation, the tentative budget required some amendments. A letter was sent to the district stating that specific numbers in question had been fixed and were now in compliance.

The budget contains one governmental fund type. The income for the upcoming year includes $63,100 from property taxes; $52,008 from consolidated taxes; $30,000 in grants; $40,000 in ambulance services; and $12,000 in donations.

The expenditures include $38,000 in salary and wages; $10,000 in employee benefits; $90,000 in services and supplies; and $100,000 in capital outlay, the majority of which will be used for a third ambulance.

The total for the tentative budget, $238,000, was approved and then voted unanimously as the final budget for the 2019-2019 fiscal year.

Ryan Rhodes, the ambulance coordinator, officially asked for Tim Vande Sluis to receive reimbursement for his Advanced EMT class in Las Vegas over the summer. The board approved up to $1,000 after becoming certified with the state as an AEMT.

Rhodes requested for the school to be able to borrow lights for graduation night, to which Roberta Park, the Emergency Management Chair, agreed. Rhodes also stated that the ambulances needed more advanced airways like King Tubes and ENT Tubes, so he has ordered three of each size for each ambulance and then a spare set to keep at the barn to restock. Rhodes will also start looking for a third ambulance with a budget of up to $80,000.

Park would like to order more pallets of water for both Hiko and Alamo barns and will compare prices.

Lonny Walch gave the Fire Chief report and stated that Steve Meldrum and Dan Park are still running the Explorer Post.

Finally, the Ambulance Report was given by Brittany Smallwood. They had nine calls last month. Year to date, they have received $19,513, and $32,560 this fiscal year. The new billing software is great and they really like it. They still need to transfer ten more calls over to the new system.

The board approved Smallwood’s request that the old software be used until the start of the new fiscal year.

Lastly, the board approved payment of $8,324.81 for Pool Pact Insurance, including agent fees.