The Alamo Power Board met on May 15.

The new net-metering policy was approved by the Alamo Power Board. The policy, which includes a reimbursement rate schedule, essentially means that when customers generate energy from solar, wind, etc. on their properties, up to a maximum of 10 kilowatts at one time, the district will credit their account at the wholesale price the district pays for current energy. This amount is based on the received cost from that property compared to the delivered cost of energy provided by the district.

The board received a letter of interest from Michael Prince about occupying the vacant board position and approved the motion to accept him as a new member.

A total of six students were interviewed by the staff to fill the two summer part- time labor positions. Peter Vande Sluis and Josh Callahan were hired. They will work from June 4 through August 9.

Ken Maxwell updated the board about progress on the Nevada Electric Highway Phase II in conjunction with Lincoln County Power District (LCPD). The state will pay between $100,000 and $150,000 for the project. Maxwell will continue to update the board on the progress of finding a location along the highway where the Electric Car Charging Station can be built.

Maxwell also reported that changes to LCPD will separate network partners. This means that Alamo Power District will have to obtain its own network and networking equipment in the near future. Maxwell plans on acquiring cost estimates to present to the board for next month. Due to the changes, the suggestion was made to hold off on purchasing a large awning to protect the bucket, digger, and backhoe from the elements

Maxwell reported on jobs completed for the month, including Guy Davis’ repair and a pole change-out at Mary Lou Sharp’s residence. Ongoing and upcoming jobs include the Ash Springs tree project, the tie switch project, radio communications, setting up the new trailer for hot stick and equipment, the Cannon Ranch well upgrade, and trimming the trees at the high school memorial site.

Robert Park is finishing up his schooling in St. George before summer break. Maxwell met with the Federated Safety and Loss Control Inspector who conducts surprise inspections of trucks, lines, and everything else as a part of the insurance company. The report from the inspection will arrive in a couple weeks.