On June 13, the Pioche Chamber of Commerce met at the historic Silver Cafe to plan and prepare the town for a variety of events.

While the meeting was missing too many members to fulfill a quorum, the remaining members of the chamber forged on and filled everyone in on their current and future plans, starting with the treasurer’s report.

Recently, the person in charge of processing grants on behalf of the Nevada Commission on Tourism passed away. Unfortunately, the chamber was not informed of this, and they are currently working with the state to postpone the deadline for the grants due to this regrettable loss.

Next up was the Thompson’s Opera House, which hosted the photo festival earlier this month. This event brought in a significant amount of money, and more importantly, was enjoyed by everyone who participated. Added to this report was the fact that the chamber was now looking at bids to replace the sign at the bottom of the hill into Pioche, which has gone without sufficient upkeep for a while now.

While the membership and website committees had nothing to report, the Labor Day committee revealed that, while it didn’t have a logo for the Labor Day program quite yet, it was very close to choosing one.

Next on the agenda was the beautification committee, which renewed its commitment to making Pioche a cleaner, more organized and more beautiful place to be, starting with derelict properties around town. This time, committee members had taken pictures of offending properties around the area, which they intend to take to the district attorney and the town board. Some of the properties were overgrown to the point that the homes inside were hidden. Others were littered with abandoned cars and trailers.

Between the fire hazards, health violations and dangerous stray animals, the board noted the sad state of these properties. The committee then reaffirmed that they were going to start pushing owners harder to clean up their properties.

Lastly, the committee noted that there were banners that needed to be hung for the Labor Day celebration, though they still needed the hardware necessary to mount the banners.

The meeting then wrapped up, since there was no old or new business to cover, and it adjourned until July 11.