Dear Editor,

The Board of County Commissioners is scheduled to hear my presentation on July 2 at 11 a.m. regarding the Town Advisory Board’s questionable acts and actions during last year’s “survey” of Pioche residents relating to the transfer of the Town’s utilities to the Power District and Water District. I will also be discussing why the county commissioners continue to act in direct violation of Nevada law in delegating authority to the advisory board which they are expressly prohibited from delegating.

Even though the advisory board never took official action to withhold vital documents from the residents during their mock “public hearing” process, these documents were intentionally withheld from public review; thus, depriving the residents of their right to make an informed decision.

Matters are heating up at the town advisory board meetings as they scramble to justify their Utility Manager’s and Office Manager’s questionable acts and actions. Maybe it’s just me, but the word “contract” implies an agreement between a resident and PPU, but it turns out the utility manager is allowed to charge the residents both his wages and benefits at a greatly inflated rate and the cost of the Inmate Crew without speaking to the resident to provide an estimate of the costs.

I have been addressing the advisory board about similar matters for several months and neither body has indicated a willingness to address the many serious issues the residents are facing in dealing with the PPU staff and their outrageous policies. By all rights, the advisory board should be using the actual hourly rate resulting from accepted county formulae for determining benefits. It would appear that PPU has been overcharging residents as much as $20 an hour for the utility manager’s time for the last (10) years.

The utility manager asserts he does not know where the water and sewer lines are located even though a GPS study was completed many years ago. He then tells the residents the sewer line coming from their home into the road and connecting with the sewer main is not PPU’s responsibility and the residents are free to dig up the road, stating “that is between the resident and the road department.”

Residents should attend this meeting to demonstrate to the commissioners that the advisory board’s inability to responsibly manage the town’s utility operations and staff cannot continue.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol White

Concerned Pioche Resident