The Pahranagat Valley Fire District met June 19.

Ryan Rhodes, Ambulance Coordinator, reported that he has been working with Rob Hansen to find a third ambulance. They can probably find a 2016 model with low mileage that is around $100,000. Rhodes would like to get at least a 2014 model or newer. Hansen suggested they keep looking around for something more in the range of $80,000 or so, in order to have money to stock the vehicle. They also would like the mileage to be under 50,000, if possible.

The district helped with a patient transfer recently and the logistics for payment are complex. Lonny Walch talked with the hospital about fees to help with the transfer and the hospital didn’t seem open to paying. The district will have to bill the insurance and, if the claim is denied, the district won’t receive any payment. Rhodes asked the board about determining a call-out fee in order for the district to do the transfer and not lose money. The issue will be looked into, but there is no guarantee for a solution in the near future.