The Alamo Town Board met June 11 to discuss the budget.

Vern Holladay presented three plans for added flood control in Alamo. Respectively, each plan costs $24,000, $16,000, and $8,000. The board approved the motion to move forward and present the proposals to the Regional Transportation Commission board for funding approval. The board also asked Varlin Higbee for help and suggestions on a solution for obtaining fuel for the lawn mowers and trucks. Higbee said he would look into it.

The board approved hiring both Emily Hansen and Ryan Jorgensen as seasonal help for nineteen and a half hours a week up to 200 hours. Three applicants were also interviewed by the hiring committee, Vern Holladay and Brad Loveday. The committee suggested that Kris Higbee be hired as the new part-time employee and the board approved it.

Lastly, the children’s park bathrooms had feces smeared all over them and some kids threw rocks at the wall and chipped the paint. The bathrooms will continue to remain locked.