Two people died in a five-vehicle crash that occurred July 18 around 6 a.m. on Highway 93, south of Coyote Springs.

Multiple Las Vegas news reports indicated a semi truck driver fell asleep behind the wheel in an active construction zone on mile marker 63.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported, “Four southbound vehicles were stopped at the direction of a construction crew flagger in an area restricted to one lane for installation of ‘rumble strips’ on the shoulder when a semi trailer loaded with sand struck them.”

The semi first struck a Toyota Corolla, killing its two passengers, and then struck another semi and two other vehicles. Other motorists involved in the crash suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Nevada Highway Patrol is pleading with motorists to immediately get off the road when drowsy.

“Drowsy driving is just as bad as if you were impaired or texting and driving,” NHP Trooper Jason Buratczuk told KSNV Las Vegas. “It is just as dangerous and it has the same tragic consequences. As we saw here today.”