Dave Maxwell
Angela Hagfeldt and her kids, Benjamin, 12, Jacob, 11, and Aubrey, 6, enjoy some Tropical Sno cones in Alamo .

One way to beat the heat of summer is with a snow cone from time to time.

Eric and Chantel Holt of Panaca have a small trailer that sells snow cones and shaved ice treats right off the street.

The trailer visited Alamo on July 14 at the corner of Broadway and U.S. 93.

Carolyn Vineyard, Eric’s mother-in-law, brought down the brightly painted trailer on the hot summer day.

“We’re just coming to see if the people in Alamo like Tropical Sno cones,” she said.

Vineyard also came during the Fourth of July celebration, during the night of the motorcycle barrel races. “The people enjoyed it so much then, we thought we would try and come more often,” she said, “and I have been received very well here today also.”

The little trailer, which used to be the Lincoln County Snow Shack, was purchased by the Holts at the beginning of the summer from Matt Cameron. It is usually around northern Lincoln County, “but we would like to try to come to Alamo once or twice month.” Holt said. “We try to spread our visits throughout the county, giving each town a day or two.”

Tropical Sno cones sells shaved ice snow cones with a variety of 25-30 flavors. In addition, ice cream can be added to the top of the cone, “or Hawaiian style,” Vineyard said, “which is ice cream on the bottom. Kids are a big part of our customers, but we get quite a few families too.”

Holt said they plan to attend the July 24 celebration in Panaca, the Lincoln County Fair next month, and the Labor Day celebration in Pioche in September.

He also said a person can get a loyalty card and after 10 shaved ice purchases, the next one is free.